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Lavender in Centrale

The slope leading up to Centrale is covered in lavender from mid June to early July. You enjoy its fragrant breeze and shower of lavender color in the season. Presently we have about 2,850㎡ (0.7 acre) and 3 varieties of lavernder flowering on our slope.

▶︎Centrale's Lavender Diary

Events and Activities

Harvesting lavender ・・・1,000 yen per person
Season : from early June to mid July 10:00〜16:00
Daily Update : Lavender Harvesting

Lavender stick making・・・1,500 yen per person
Including lavender harvesting

Lavender Sweets

Lavender flavored soft-serve ice cream・・・350 yen

Lavender monaka ice cream・・・250 yen

Lavender tea・・・350 yen

Good Sleep Sachet

After being harvested, buds and flowers of our lavender were dried and then, are packed as Good Sleep Sachet.
All guestrooms have the shachet ready for use . You can find them at our gift shop in the lobby area.

Lavender Gift Shop

Additive-free Natural Soap

We proudly introduce our additive-free natural soap. Surfactant-free soap is gentle for skin and good for adults with sensitive skin and babies. It is also great for shampooing!

Additive-free Natural Lavender Soap・・・290 yen

Additive-free Natural Orange & Grapfruit Soap・・・290 yen

Additive-free Natural Soap 2 in one pack・・・570 yen

Lavemon(dried lavender-in sock monkey)

A scent of lavender is relaxing and refreshing!
Lavemon is handmade and each Lavemon has different facial feature.
Dried lavender buds are stuffed with cotton wadding in each Lavemon.

Mini・・・630 yen
S・・・1,000 yen
M・・・1,350 yen
L・・・1,550 yen

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