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Tourist spots near Centrale


Amanohashidate (天橋立)is one of three best scenic views,
in Japan along with Aki no Miyajima (安芸の宮島)and Matsushima (松島).

The sandbar (shaol) is 3.3 km (2 miles) long and covered with about 7,000 pine trees.

There are two sides of sandbar. One is "Monju" side where Amanohashidate station of Kyoto-Tango Railway is located. Another end is "Kasamatsu" side where "Kono Shrine" and "Kasamatsu park."

Access from/to Centrale:
By train. About 20 min (Kyotango-Omiya station to Amanohashidate station)

Ine no Funaya

Ine no Funaya (伊根の舟屋)is selected as one of 100 Landscapes of Japan in 2009 (initiated by Yomiuri Newspaper and supported by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism). There are 230 Funayas (boat houses) along the Ine Bay shoreline.
The entire area of Ine no Funya appears to be floating on water.
Some people say "Venice of Japan."

Access from/to Centrale:
By bus. About 60 min. (Tankai local bus)
By car. About 45 min.

Uchikake (Japanese wedding dress) experience

Japanese wedding dress (UCHIKAKE) experience in our wedding chapel, the Chapel of Wind. You will enjoy gorgeous UCHIKAKE (Japanese kimono for wedding) experience in quick informal dressing method. Including 2 snapshot photos. Please contact us for details and reservation!

Barazushi experience

Barazushi (scattered sushi) is Tango region’s local favorite food. The barazushi is usually made at home for special occasions such as festivals and other celebrations. You enjoy arranging all prepared ingredients on seasoned sushi rice. Please contact us for details and reservation!

All Japanese soul food experience

Here you will enjoy 3 major Japanese soul foods, MOCHI, TAKOYAKI, and NAGASHI SOMEN all at once. You might see each in Manga and/or other media. You will pound mochi, cook takoyaki and catch somen noodle with chop sticks in flowing water. Fun and yummy’. Please contact us for details and reservation!

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