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Fine diningTaste of fresh local produce

We serve authentic Japanese and Western cuisine.
We are proud of using fresh local produce such as crab, yellowtail and grade A+ certified rice.
“Shun” is a Japanese term means “season” or “seasonal”.
We would like our guests to enjoy taste of “Shun” at our dining.

We serve best ingredients with the seasons.


We offer great seafood from the ocean surrounding Tango Peninsula.
Our guests’ favorite during winter season are snow crab and oyster.
You will enjoy them!


Tango region is rich in nature. We offer a variety of local vegetables in each season. You will also enjoy wild vegetables, such as bamboo shoot and mushrooms.

Locally Grown Rice
Locally Grown Rice

Tango region, especially Omiya area is known for good quailty rice.
We serve good quailty rice for breakfast,lunch and dinner.


Shabu-shabu is one of our specialties! We serve both beef and pork shabu-shabu year-round.
You also have a choice of “TABEHODAI” (All You Can Eat course). We have “shabu-shabu dinner overnight stay package.” Please contact us!

Seasonal Specials

We are proudly serving seasonal menus using best local produce.

FallMatsutake Shabu-shabu(from mid September to November)

Matsutake mashuroom is the king of mushroom in Japan. Its season is fall!
We serve fragrant Matsutake mashuroom with beef shabushabu.

SummerGarden BBQ(from April to September)

You enjoy our signature charcoal-grilled barbecue in our garden with great view.
You can taste all four Japanese major brand draft beers and Tango’s locally brewed sakes in our “ALL YOU CAN DRINK ALCOHOL BAR.”
We have “BBQ dinner overnight stay package.” Please contact us!

WinterOyser-Crab Shack(from December to April)

Oyster-Crab Shack (KAKI-KANI GOYA) is one of our popular restaurants.
Casual restaurant serves fisherman-style oyster and crab menus.
We also have “Oyster-Crab dinner ovenight stay package.” Please contact us!

WinterCrab Fiesta Dinner(from early November to mid March)

Tango is a capital of crab! We serve variety of crab dishes including full-course meal!
We have “crab dinner overnight stay package.” Please contact us!


Locally-grown Tango rice is our guests’ favorite.
Other fish and vegetable dishes are going along well with it.
Enjoy our Japanese-style breakfast.

We also provide homemade breads and local fresh vegetables at salad bar.


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