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Hot Spring – Ono no Komachi Onsen Spa

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Ono no Komachi Onsen Spa

Ono no Komachi Onsen is a local favorite natural hot spring spa since its open in April 1995.
The spa was named after Ono no Komachi, who was a Japanese waka poet, one of Rokkasen,
the six best waka poets of the early Heian period.
She was also known for her beauty.
There is a legend that Ono no Komachi stayed over one winter in Ikaga village,
Omiya (about 3 min drive from Centrale).

The nature of spring of Ono no Komachi Onsen is good for chronic skin trouble,
neuralgia, dysmotility and attracts people of all ages.

The indoor spa area has hot tub, jacuzzi, utaseyu (pelting water) and washing area (shower booth).
The open-air spa area has open-air hot tub, sauna, small cold tub,
washing area (shower booth) and Japanese garden with natural rocks, stone lantern, trees and flowers.

Open-air spa
Open-air Spa Areas
Foot massage path
Foot massage path
(Right side bath)

Open-air area of the right side bath is traditional Japanese-style garden.
A natual rock sits in the middle of it.
Circumference of the rock is “foot massage path.
” Outer circle is stronger and inner one is milder in pressure.

Seasonal flowers, Stone statue
Seasonal flowers, Stone statue
(Left side bath)

Flowers of each season and stone statue welcome you in the open-air area of left side bath.
You will enjoy the night view of downtown Kyotango after sunset.

(Both side bath)

Each side bath has Finnish style, 10 seat dry sauna with TV in the open-air area.
Enjoy your relaxation time!

Indoor Spa Areas
Indoor Spa Areas

Each side bath has jacuzzi, washing area (shower booth).

Efficacy of hot spring
Alkalescent simple spring
(33 degree celsius heated for hot tub)
Chronic skin trouble, neuralgia, dysmotility
Hours for overnight guests
-23:00, 6:00~8:00
Equipments, Amenities
Bath chair, crib, baby bathtub (free rental at Spa front desk), hair dryer
Centrale signature additive-free lavender bar soap, conditioner-in shampoo, liquid soap etc.

One day visit spa

We are happy to welcome one-day visit guests at Ono no Komachi Onsen Spa.
The spa also has cafeteria-style restaurant and relaxing tatami space.

One day visit spa

Adult(over 12 years old)700 JPY

Child (over 4 years old) 400 JPY

Hours for one-day spa visitors: 10:00 – 22:00
(last check-in 21:30)

Bath towel rental200 JPY

Face towel for sale100 JPY


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