Sakura viewing from AKAMATSU train’s window - Centrale Hotel Kyotango -Kyoto, JAPAN-

Centrale Hotel Kyotango -Kyoto, JAPAN-

Sakura viewing from AKAMATSU train’s window


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Hello there,

Do you enjoy sakura (cherry blossoms) viewing in Japan?
Our favorite is MITODANI Pass’s (水戸谷峠) sakura!
We enjoyed sakura-viewing from Tantetsu’s (Kyoto-Tango Railway’s) popular sightseeing car, “AKAMATSU” (means Japanese red pine)
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*We post SAKURA-viewing from AKAMATSU’s window (movie) on our FB page. 

“AKAMATSU” car exterior 
“AKAMATSU” car exterior from the side
Ticket and boarding certificate.  Cool!
Interior of AKAMATSU car.  You can buy and enjoy drinks and snacks, bento boxes

Sakura from AKAMATSU’s window

You can also enjoy sakura-viewing of Mitodani Pass by car and bus!
It might last till this weekend.  So hurry up!  
Or plan for sakura-viewing trip to Kyotango and Centrale next year!!!