BEST spots to photograph in lavender - Centrale Hotel Kyotango -Kyoto, JAPAN-

Centrale Hotel Kyotango -Kyoto, JAPAN-

BEST spots to photograph in lavender


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Hello there,

It is now full-blooming time of Centrale’s lavender.
If you have a chance to stop by at our hotel, please
take a photo with/in lavender.

In this morning, I took several photos in our lavender slope area.

These are the best shots I took. Today’s model is Mr. Daiki Nomura, a staff of our Ad Planning section.

It was cloudy in this morning. If it is sunny, the color should be brighter.

Mr. Nomura in the middle of lavender slope

Mr. Nomura standing near the top of lavender sloop

Pls stop by at Centrale, and take your photo in lavender!!