Traffic information January 19, 2017 updated - Centrale Hotel Kyotango -Kyoto, JAPAN-

Centrale Hotel Kyotango -Kyoto, JAPAN-

Traffic information January 19, 2017 updated


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Hello there,

Traffic information update on Jan. 19, 2017 tells NO road closure, train suspension or delay. Most of local roads are also clear now. 

The image (below) is snapshot of Kyoto Jukan Expressway‘s website … it says “whole road is open as regularly.” 

We had a big snow storm last weekend.  It was the worst one in last 2 years.

Scenery with snow from Centrale Hotel Kyotango on Jan. 16th (Mon.)

If you have a plan to travel in Tango region during winter time, you’d definitely better have winter tires.  If you travel by train or bus, please have thick or warm coat (like puffy down coat) and warm shoe. 

It is very nice to have snow and especially bathing in open-air bath at our Ono no Komachi Spa!