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Tango Peninsula Travel Guide 2 : Amanohashidate


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Hello there,

Previously I introduced a sightseeing train AKAMATSU between Nishimaizuru and Amanohashidate.

I’d like to write about Amanohashidate today.  Amanohashidate is one of the most scenic sites in Japan (日本三景Nihon Sankei).  It literally means “a bridge over the sky.”  

It is basically about 3kilo meter (2mile) long sandbar.  Tourists are usually going to view points on the hills of either side of sandbar.  Then people bend over and look the sandbar and ocean through between their legs.  So the ocean looks the sky and the sandbar looks bridge in the way. 

This time my friends went to Amanohashidate Viewland Park where is located in the area of Monju, train station side of sandbar. 

Bending over and looking at Amanohashidate between their legs.

If weather is good, we recommend to take chair lift to the park. You will have a great view, especially on the way back.

After coming down to station area, please visit Chionji temple.  If you have a sweet tooth, CHIENOMOCHI (wisdom mochi candy) is a local favorite. There are four small tea shops in front of Chionji temple main gate.  Each sells CHIENOMOCHI, mochi candy covered with sweet red bean paste.  Each is similar but slightly different in sweetness, texture and flavor. 

CHIENO MOCHI goes along well with HOJICHA (roasted Japanese tea).


I will introduce Ine town in next blog.

(to be continued.) 


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